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K.A. Mullins is a writer, instructor, and pet adoption advocate. A professionally trained instructor, Mullins has spent over a decade teaching children how to build character, improve self-esteem, and fostering a positive attitude through acts of kindness.

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Dr. Seuss

The Adventures Of Didi And Maca:
Fun In The Treehouse

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Didi and her doll Maca go on adventures where they help others.

The focus of this book is to help instill in children the desire to help others, develop positive character and promote acceptance. In Didi's imagination, the treehouse becomes so much more than just a treehouse. Her doll Maca comes alive and they go on various adventures from traveling through a castle to saving the day at a daycare.

Fun in the treehouse is the first of a series of books that touch on different positive developmental aspects. Subsequent books touch on environmental awareness, acceptance, honesty and selflessness. Each book is written from the viewpoint of the imagination of a 5 year old, this makes them ideal for young children.

The Adventures Of Didi And Maca

Fun In The Treehouse



The Adventures Of Didi And Maca

Fun In The Treehouse



Kapi The KIND Dog

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Kapi and her friends teach us about the true meaning of Kindness.

Kapi was adopted from C.A.P in Houston, TX in March 2018. She has been an inspiration and a loving member of the family. Please consider adopting from a shelter to add a loving family member like Kapi.

Kapi The KIND Dog Hardcover


Kapi The KIND Dog Ebook


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